Wayde Owen Artist

Hi, and welcome to my website. Here you will find some information regarding my art practice. I’ve committed most of my life to creating useful objects for my community as a means to helping myself and others self actualize or to encourage critical and creative social progress. I consider my work a form of humanistic psychology – it tells me where I am at any given point in time and the direction I am heading.


Artist Statement

I can't really paint pretty pictures or even things that make people feel good. What I want to do is squeeze myself into or out of the works. The more I paint the more cathartic it becomes and though it isn't my personality my innards are laid bare for all to see. My very first recollections of art making is from an early age. By the time I entered art school I had become totally obsessed with the art making process and now its something I can't live without. Making art is the way I process life's boundless capacity for continual change. Nature, humanity and culture, it's extinction and continued existence are major concerns. 


I think of my subjects as vessels for experimentation with different materials. The theme or idea of layers is reoccurring throughout my work - this process intertwines multiple narratives and allows viewers many portals into or out of the works. When I start out I have memories in mind to work from, but I focus on how I can manipulate these "Mental Images" with materials in interesting ways. I'm interested in forming relationships with different motifs and materials, constructing, sculpting and transforming.